JJ Meds Reddit Review Incentive Program


  • Reddit/r/MOMpics/   in the NEW MEGATHREAD:


    The old megathread was auto-archived by Reddit after 6 months


  • Email us the link of the review, order number as well as the date of the purchase
  • $15 worth of coupon per review; maximum 4 reviews in a month; reviews must be of different items of the order (within 60 days of the purchase)
  • Reviews cannot be of the same flower strain that you previously reviewed until we clearly state on the product page that it is a new crop or batch, in which case please state that in your review
  • Cannabis or cannabis-related products only; provide two or more photos in your review; share thoughts about the taste, potency, burn, nose, etc
  • Follow the Reddit community rules: the title format: [name of the product] – [JJ Meds] – [month ordered]
  • Include: “Incentivized – $15 credit will be received for posting this review” on your description/review and/or click the “Incentivized” button