Kootenay Labs Gummies 1000mg THC (20 Gummies x 50mg)


Whole Spectrum (Full Spectrum) THC Gummies from Kootenay Labs

  • Each packages includes 20 gummies x 50g mg per gummy
  • 1000mg THC per package
  • Regular and Sour variations
  • 95% Organic ingredients
  • Made with Whole Spectrum Distillate

Flavours include:

Key Lime: Depend on these heavy hitters for their predictable dosing. Dissolve into the creative realm with our Key Lime gummy. If you are looking for something to brighten your day, you know where to look. Green means go.

Apricot: Our strongest golden gummy, infused with organic apricot and colours curated from beet and orange extracts. For some, a nibble is all you’ll need, but if you have a high tolerance you can enjoy one after the other.

Concord Grape: With a classic and luxurious flavour, you can replace that glass of wine with a bold THC gummy. Achieve new levels of relaxation as you melt away from the everyday. Your mind and body will thank you for the nourishment.

Raspberry: We’ve captured the flavour of summertime! Coloured with hibiscus and beet pigments, these juicy Raspberry treats will have you feeling like you’re in a 57 Chevy drop top, driving into the sunset.

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