Ethos Tinctures – Full Spectrum Oil (30ml)


Cannabidiol is the natural component, which is extracted from the cannabis plant and termed as CBD oil. This oil is made from flowers, leaves and stalk of hemp but not from seeds. CBD oils are used for common ailments and therefore are very much a natural remedy. CBD oil became popular in the medical industry because it helps in treating many severe conditions. It gives relief from chronic pain and anxiety. CBD also helps control your body systems like the nervous system and immune system etc.

Ethos Tinctures are made ethically using organic hemp oil and are free of alcohol and MCT oil. Every bottle contains 30ml of tincture oil and a dropper consists of 1ml of full-spectrum cannabis extract. Expect full effects by 90-120 minutes. Half dropper contains 15mg cannabinoids.

Ingredients: Organic hemp oil, natural organic flavours, Full-spectrum cannabis distillate.

Some common benefits may include:

  • Reduce Chronic Pain
  • Reduce Anxiety & Depression
  • Can help with Acne

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